Brad Adams - the father

He is the mastermind behind the dungeons often thinking up areas and traps the groups completely bypass or ignore.. He often makes up his own rules to just keep everything moving forward even battles. Most of the dungeons our roughly based of of the original dungeon and dragons books. During the day he works for dollar general and plays with his awesome grandchildren.


Debi adams - the mother

Also known as Smada the elf fighter, mother of three, grandmother of six plus all the adopted people she has fed and sheltered of the years. She use to just play the hostess and feed everyone now she's jumped head into the games and is often the most spirited of the the group.


Stephen Adams - The younger brother

Also known as Webster the human fighter, son of three. He likes to play Webster as the socially awkward not so smart young guy. During the day he is a SGT in the U.S. Army.






Elena Adams - The sister and wife

Also known as Anale the half elf cleric, pronounced AH-NA-LE, Wife of Stephen. This is her first time playing D&D and even though her character is a powerhouse she plays a quieter subtler game style. During the day she is a self-employed seamstress.






PETER Adams - The Oldest brother

Also known as Rangen the Dwarf thief, Father of four. He likes to play a not as intelligent character that is always looking for the next opportunity to gain something valuable. Also never yell boo at him (listen to episode one). During the day he is a Chaplain in the U.S. Army