EP. 5 Beyond the barrier

Welcome to aDams aDventures! this episode we get to experience a whole new area or zone or whatever you want to call it! we also get to hear if Webster gets revenge on whatever killed his doppleganger..... If you like whatyou hear this episode let us know either in the reviews or at https://www.facebook.com/aDamsaDventuresPODCAST or www.eldolce/podcast.com

EP. 3 Sandsnake

 This episode the baby grows into something strange....we also get to test out all the different lanterns, they each hold they're own surprise! We really appreciate you listening along with us if you have anything you would like to hear or change let us know in the comments thanks. Come check out our full website http://www.eldolce.com/podcast/, it has some cool info about us and artwork coming soon (if you would like to submit some artwork that would be great!)